New Brands

Union Beer has recently welcomed a number of new and exciting brands to our portfolio. We continue to grow our range of products to ensure we're offering the best possible portfolio to our retailer partners in the New York City and Long Island areas. Learn more about these brands below. Use Retailer Portal to place an order today!


Jack's Abby Craft Lagers (Framingham, MA) - Founded in 2011 by three brothers, Jack, Eric and Sam Hendler, Jack's Abby has become a mainstay of the craft brewing scene in the Northeast and nationwide. Jack's Abby brews lagers, and only lagers. Our mission is to create truly distinctive lagers featuring locally grown ingredients, traditional German brewing standards, and American innovation.

Top Products:
-House Lager
-Post Shift Pilsner
-Shipping Out of Boston Amber Lager
-Blood Orange Wheat Radler
-Copper Legend Octoberfest


Springdale Beer Company (Framingham, MA) - We are the result of what happens when brewers wonder "what if" and pursue that curiosity to its fullest. We created Springdale to push the limits of fermentation and explore flavors with the hope of creating bold new beers to share with our friends. We arrived at this pursuit in a unique way. The brewers of Jack's Abby had been cultivating killer craft lagers for years but found themselves wanting to push the limits of beer far beyond their core, traditional lagers. That left them with only one choice - start a whole new brand! That curiosity and willingness to take risks is what launched Springdale.

Top Products:
-Springdale IPA
-Pearly White Ale
-Brig Mocha Stout (coming soon!)


TALEA Beer Co. (Brooklyn, NY) - LeAnn and Tara, avid homebrewers with MBAs, met after leaving their corporate jobs in tech and media to join the the beer industry. After years of browsing beer aisles and visiting breweries, they found that despite the booming craft beer market, no breweries were actively trying to speak to customers like them, so they launched TALEA (pronounced 'tah-lay-uh'). They focus on "easy-to-love" beers that are at the intersection of high quality and low-bitterness with fruit-forward flavors; beers that you can comfortably share with your hard-seltzer and wine-drinking friends, or open with the most discerning beer connoissuer. 

Top Products:
-Sun Up Hazy IPA
-Tropicberry Tart Deco Sour IPA
-Double Date Hazy Double IPA
-Weekender Key Lime Lager


Montucky Cold Snacks (Bozeman, MT) - In 2012, Chad Zeitner and Jeremy Gregory found themselves crackin' beers and chatting about world peace. This profound conversation was the start of the world's most refreshing beer company that gives back to local communities all while celebrating the outdoors, having fun, and being ridiculous(ly awesome). Since our founding, we have been on a mission to provide refreshing beer and sprinkle a lil' magic on our local communities. Our founders pledged to give 8% of our profits back to local causes for each of the states we serve.

Top Product:
- Montucky Cold Snack Lager


Area Two Experimental Brewing (Stratford, CT) – Area Two Experimental Brewing is the Innovation Hub for Two Roads Brewing Company situated on a 10-acre campus in Stratford, CT. The 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility focuses on innovative, small batch product development for various Two Roads Brewing Company brands along with its own line of experimental, one-of-a-kind brews. Area Two features a diverse collection of barrels, foudres, concrete and steel tanks and a massive 50-barrel coolship to deliver an array of boundary-breaking brews.

Top Products:
-Pineapple Sour D
-Synopsis Prickly Pear
-Synopsis Black Currant
-Blood Peach Lambic


Daybreaker Vodka Cocktails (Stratford, CT) – Introducing Daybreaker Vodka Cocktails, a new line of 7% ABV Ready-to-Drink alcoholic beverages. These groundbreaking products combine vodka, sparkling water and 100% real fruit juice to create an authentic, refreshing and bold cocktail in the convenience of a 12 oz can. The Innovation Team at Two Roads was dedicated to creating a beverage for consumers that didn’t just mimic a cocktail through the use of artificial flavorings and sweeteners, but rather was an exact replica of a bar-made cocktail in its own right.

Top Products:
-Blood Orange
-Meyer Lemonade