Beer Can Appreciation

More craft brewers are ditching bottles and making the switch to cans. The rise in popularity of canning is due to a number of factors: easier to recycle, less breakage, more surface space for logo/branding, and no light contamination. Some breweries only can, while others use cans for special releases. Mobile canning companies have emerged in response to the resurgence of the can in the craft beer industry. Cans are the new “thing.” Again. The first beer can emerged on the market soon after prohibition was repealed, on January 24th, 1935. Then Krueger’s Brewery of Newark, New Jersey introduced the beer can after developing a lining inside the can that would allow for carbonation, but wouldn’t cause it to explode. The aluminum can as we know it was released following WWII in 1958. While they may not be a new invention, cans are emerging as a “new” trend in the craft beer industry. So on January 24th, grab your favorite craft beer can and celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day!